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TIG Insider Newsletter  November 19, 2012
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Annuity News
6% Bonus + 5 Riders Solutions For Your Client

  1. Jeff K. $554,364
  2. BIll H. $403,822
  3. Shane S. $291,267
  4. Gary J. $288,343
  5. Vincent D. $271,267
  1. Joel $109,674
  2. Joe Y. $26,220
  3. Ken P. $8,050
  4. Keith E. $6,916
  5. Jim T. $5,631

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Did You Know?


Each year at least two lucky turkeys avoid the dinner table

Thanks to the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation, a ceremony that takes place at the White House every year shortly before Thanksgiving. Since 1947. the National Turkey Federation has presented two live turkeys—and a ready-to-eat turkey—to the President, federation spokesperson Sherrie Rosenblatt, said in 2009.

"There are two birds," Rosenblatt explained, "the presidential turkey and the vice presidential turkey, which is an alternate, in case the presidential turkey is unable to perform its duties."

Those duties pretty much boil down to not biting the President during the photo opportunity with the press. Since 1989 during the first Thanksgiving of President George H. W. Bush, the president has granted the turkey a "presidential pardon" and thus spared the bird from being slaughtered. In 2008 the vice presidential bird, "Pumpkin," stepped in for the appearance with President Bush after the presidential bird, "Pecan," had fallen ill the night before.


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