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TIG Insider Newsletter  December 4, 2012
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Annuity News
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  1. Mark F. $4,332,414
  2. James M. $3,563,864
  3. Jerry N. $1,963,284
  4. Bill H. $1,599,042
  5. Randy F. $1,582,813
  1. Joel $85,107
  2. Joe Y. $25,623
  3. George $12,209
  4. Rusty P. $7,888
  5. Ken P.$6,852
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Life News
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Christmas traditions are different everywhere.

  • In Japan a popular fast food fried chicken chain successfully launched a campaign to convince the Japanese public that fried chicken was the most traditional Christmas food. Now reservations must be made months in advance to get fried chicken on Christmas in Japan.
  • The tradition of hanging stockings by the chimney came from England, where the story was told that Father Christmas dropped some gold coins from his pockets and they were caught in socks that were hanging by the fire to dry. Most countries of Europe traditionally leave out shoes for Santa, rather than socks.
  • Many cultures have an evil sidekick that follows Santa Claus to punish children who misbehave, like Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands, Knecht Ruprecht in Germany, Krampus in Austria and Le Père Fouettard in France.
  • In the city of Caracas, Venezuela it has become tradition for everyone to roller skate to church for the Christmas mass. Some roads are even closed to cars in order to accommodate the crowds of roller skaters.

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