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TIG Insider Newsletter  August 6, 2012
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Income, Legacy, Extended Care in One Annuity
Annuity News

  1. Jerry N. $1,271,360
  2. Randy F. $613,013
  3. James M. $567,656
  4. Fred M. $465,327
  5. Ronnie R. $262,000
  1. Joel M. $33,007
  2. Joe Y. $30,384
  3. James B. $12,277
  4. Jeff P. $7,481
  5. Kimberly P. $7,096

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Life News
Did You Know?
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

Life Insurance Awareness Month is an opportunity to talk to people in your community about their life insurance needs at a time when life insurance may already be on their minds. And the need couldn’t be greater. Today, 95 million adult Americans have no life insurance, and most people with coverage have far less than most experts recommend. The Toolkit below is now available to help you make the most of Life Insurance Awareness Month:

  • A flyer and video featuring the story of Buddy ‘Cake Boss’ Valastro, master baker, reality TV star, and this year’s LIAM spokesperson.
  • Sales ideas
  • Free downloadable flyers, eCards and embeddable videos
  • Various themed-marketing toolkits
  • A social media planning toolkit
  • …and much, much more!

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