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TIG Insider Newsletter  September 4, 2012
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Annuity News
  The BIG Million Dollar Giveaway

  1. Jerry N. $1,271,360
  2. Randy F. $613,013
  3. James M. $567,656
  4. Fred M. $465,327
  5. Ronnie R. $262,000
  1. Joel M. $33,007
  2. Joe Y. $30,384
  3. James B. $12,277
  4. Jeff P. $7,481
  5. Kimberly P. $7,096

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Life News
Did You Know?
    Why do people say we shouldn't wear white after Labor Day?

The post–Labor Day moratorium on white clothing and accessories has long ranked among etiquette hard-liners' most sacred rules.

But ask your average etiquette expert how that rule came to be, and chances are that even she couldn't explain it. So why aren't we supposed to wear white after Labor Day?

Historians speculate the origin of the no-white-after–Labor Day rule may be symbolic. In the early 20th century, white was the uniform of choice for Americans well-to-do enough to decamp from their city digs to warmer climes for months at a time: light summer clothing provided a pleasing contrast to drabber urban life. "If you look at any photograph of any city in America in the 1930s, you'll see people in dark clothes," says Scheips, many scurrying to their jobs. By contrast, he adds, the white linen suits and Panama hats at snooty resorts were "a look of leisure."



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